Honduras Missions-2016

With the help of Hope Church we have been able to partner with a mission hospital called Loma de Luz. It is located on the north shore of Honduras near a small town called Balfate.  This hospital began work in 1992 and provides almost free medical care to the surrounding people of Honduras in the name of Christ.  They have developed a school, a children’s home (orphanage), agricultural projects, and pastoral and Christian leadership training.  There are a couple dozen missionaries there full time including: teachers, mechanics, IT specialists, pastors, nurses, physicians, lab techs, etc.  While the hospital has the ability to provide many types of care, they rely on volunteers in different specialties to help with particular complex problems.  Many medical personnel volunteer at Loma de Luz through World Medical Mission, which is the medical branch of Samaritan’s Purse that we travel with. Amazing miracles happen at Loma de Luz on a regular basis and God's physical and spiritual healing is seen daily. 
We first visited in November of 2015 to see if there was a need for a Pediatric Surgeon. We have now had the opportunity to serve on four different trips, ministering to patients with a variety of surgical needs ranging from hernias to amputations to anoplasties.  It has been special to be able to help the patients that need multiple surgeries to function "normally" and get to know them and their families more with each trip. 
God’s faithfulness is demonstrated in these two sweet little people:
Baby Eli was a two-year old that came in on our second visit and had an ostomy. Basically, he did not have the plumbing to go number 2 the way most people do.  He was, instead using a hole on his belly. Drew felt that he would be a successful candidate for anoplasty and scheduled him for the following trip.  Eli was operated on and the grandmother and the father were faithful with the post-surgical care and therapy necessary for the next four months.  Eli’s ostomy was reversed in November of this year and Eli was able to use a diaper for the first time in his life.  This is life changing for Eli and his family.  In the last two trip we have operated on 5 similar anoplasty patients. Pictured with the “Scooby Doo” coloring book.
Miguelito was a 7-year old that had a huge ball (as seen in the photo) on his stomach.  It is an omphalocele, where intestines, liver and other structures are outside of the abdominal cavity.  Under the skin, it turned out to be mostly his liver.  The liver was carefully tucked back into the stomach cavity and Miguel went home with a mostly flat stomach.  Each trip, there are miraculous stories of God’s provision.  In this case, a couple days before the trip someone donated a very expensive ($10,000) piece of biomesh from their company that was exactly what was needed to close Miguelito’s tummy and get him out on the soccer field.   Before the surgery, he would never go out to play for fear of injury. 
Every patient sees the light of Christ through the missionaries and Honduran staff as they spend several days in the hospital recovering from surgery.  On this last trip, it was a great pleasure to worship with one of the families with their 8 month old son at the weekly worship service.
We are grateful to Hope Church for partnering with us in this ministry.  You can to learn more about Loma de Luz at http://www.crstone.org/.  You can learn more about the work of World Medical Missions at https://www.samaritanspurse.org/medical/world-medical-mission-history/.
Our next trip to Hospital Loma de Luz will be in Spring 2017.  We appreciate your prayers and support.
In His hands,
Drew and Christy Rideout