Small Groups

Through our small groups, you can make new friends and give and receive hope from one another, grow your faith in Christ and encourage and care for others within the community. Small Group activities are regularly announced.

Sunday Evening Study Series

Everyone wants to know what happens after they die. There are many books and films that have tried to describe and explain the mysteries of heaven, but what does God say about it? Join Pastor Tom as he explores the source of all Truth, the Bible, to give insig...

College & Career

College & Career will be meeting this Sunday, at 4 pm in the Hope House. Our current study is "Crazy Love" by Frances Chance. Are you of College age or know someone who is? Then this is for you! A chance for all of us to get together & fellowship at Hope Church on Su...

Wednesday Evening Bible Study

Please join us for a New Bible Study on The Five Love Languages of Children at Hope Church. Dinner and Childcare will be provided.  Each child expresses and receives love through one of five different communication styles. A parent's love language may be totally differe...

Sunday Evening Bible Study

We will be meeting Nov. 12th from 5-7 pm at the home of the Rideout's! Based on Perimeter Church's five-week investigative Forum (IF) "An interactive exploration-for people who want answers to the big questions of life & faith.  Your welcome to come, ask your questi...

Sunday Morning Bible Study

This group meets Sunday mornings from 9-10 am before church service.   Sunday morning Bible Study will begin September 17th at 9 am.  Knowing God is a study written by J. I. Paker.  Whether you have attended the Sunday morning Bible Study before or are new, we...