Born May, 1958 in Fort Peirce Fl. I grew up in West Palm Beach a 4th generation Floridian. I went to College to become an Engineer but changed major after working with Opportunity House, a rehab program for first to third time youth offenders. I left Florida to pursue a degree in Psychology at a small private college in Mississippi then continued on to the Master’s program in Marriage and Family Therapy at Reformed Theological Seminary. While there, I pursued a second Masters in Theology and Divinity and also found a very wonderful woman by the name of Rhonda who I married and we have two wonderful adult children, Stephen and Hope.

I initially came to Tampa to Work at Tampa Bay Presbyterian Church as the Associate Pastor in charge of youth, singles and pastoral care as well as a Family Counselor. I served there for 15 years. During this time I also began working with the Christian Counseling Center and have been with them for the past 25 years as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of Fla. For 11 years I wrote the column “Just Ask Tom” for the Advisor Magazine.

It was 13 years ago that I transferred over to Hope Church as the Associate Pastor in charge of youth, college pastoral ministry and support groups. I enjoy spending time with my family, sports, guitar, fishing, scuba diving, carpentry and just plain tinkering!

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