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Why is hope so important?

We are all hopers, aren't we? Hope is why people get married. Hope is why people have kids. Hope is why they pay to send their kids off to college. Hope is why we buy ab machines. Hope is why kids go nuts on Christmas morning. The human spirit can survive just about anything, but it cannot survive without hope.

Hope is essential for a vital life. One of the wisest individuals that ever lived wrote this proverb:

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when dreams come true there is life and joy.”
Proverbs 13:12 NLT

Hope is essential to life. Without it we do things we wouldn't normally do, to think things we wouldn't normally think and we quit when we really need to go on. Hope - when it's deferred, it effects the core of our being. So . . . here's the million dollar question: Where are you putting your hope? In what are you placing your hope? How about the next generation of kids? Know any middle school and high school students? Each day they are looking to their left and to their right and say, "What's going to pay off? Where can I put my hope?"

Hope doesn't disappoint - at least not REAL HOPE. False Hope does - and if you are disappointed in your life, if you are discouraged, you need real hope. And God says you can develop the right kind of hope in your life.

"Let our faith and love be like a suit of armor. Our firm hope that we will be saved is our helmet."
1 Thessalonians 5:8 (CEV)

You can become a hopeful person. You can make it part of your equipment. Do you have a helmet? Now, a helmet is a crucial piece of equipment. Have you ever played football? Did you wear a helmet when you played? If you didn't, you wouldn't remember if you played or not! A helmet is critical for protection and hope is what enables you to endure the battles in life. There are no fatal blows when you have the helmet of hope that God offers.