This is not only a parenting class! This is for anyone looking to increase connection in your life as you lead, parent, & relate with others!

Love doesn't happen on accident. We dream of helping to create a world where leaders create safe relational cultures, where husbands and wives choose each other no matter what, where no child grows up afraid in their own home, and friendships do not fade. Keeping your love on is a hard thing to do. Sometimes it's the hardest thing to do. But if you want to build healthy relationships with God and others, learning to keep your love on is non-negotiable. Adults and children, alike, thrive in healthy relationships in which it is safe to love and be loved, to know and be known. Yet for many, relationships are anything but safe, loving, or intimate. They are defined by anxiety, manipulation, control, and conflict. The reason is that most people have never been trained to be powerful enough to keep their love on in the face of mistakes, pain, and fear. This is an 8 week class that will help us train us to keep our love. Videos will be 20-25 minutes with discussions to follow.

Offered at 2 different times-9:30 am-11am/6:15 pm-7:30 pm on Wednesdays!!! Childcare & dinner provided. Donation per family requested!! To register or for more information please contact Jessica Moore at the church office 813.997.1843 or email