Class Has Been Postponed.


What is Loving Your Kids On Purpose?

What if parenting wasn't about control, but freedom? And what if the key to true heart-connection in family relationships rested on equipping our children to enjoy and manage that God-given freedom? 

Loving Our Kids On Purpose brings a fresh perspective on the age-old role of parenting. Loving Our Kids on Purpose will give you tools to: Protect your connection with your children, teach your children to manage increasing levels of freedom, replace the tools of intimidation and control, and create a safe place for children to build confidence and personal responsibility, for your toddler all the way through your adult child

2nd and 4th Sunday Evenings 5:00 pm–6:30 pm.  

Childcare Provided – If requested in advance.  Please contact Jessica M. at the church office. MEETING THIS SUNDAY NIGHT!!!