Join the parents of Hope Church in the Covenant responsibility for the Christian nurture of our children. Our desire is to use our talents, skills, and services to help raise hope-filled kids. In addition to Sunday School, we also organize many fun events throughout the school year. Our Vacation Bible School helps children and parents make it through those summer holiday blues!

An exciting curriculum for Pre-School!

I'm Barb Bird, your childs preschool teaching team leader for Hopefilled Kids. I have a Master's Degree in Elementary Education and taught 13 years in the public school system prior to raising my own two wonderful kids. I'm presently an empty nester and thoroughly enjoying teaching preschool. So much promise! So much fun! So much energy!!

When the kids are sent back for Children's church I greet them with a big smile and lead them in prayer. Then we sing some worship and scripture songs together. Since I am a certified teacher of American Sign Language, I often teach them sign language to go with the words of the songs. They love it!

Our Lessons are taken from the Old & New Testaments with emphasis on Jesus and Christian holidays. All the teachers on our preschool staff teach using the Preschool Bible and Nest Entertainment DVDs and videotapes. Lessons are reinforced with coordinating activity sheets that your children bring home. Be sure to go over it with them at home to reinforce what they learned at church!

Our preschoolers are great! They are cooperative, they participate and stay on task. The more they learn, the more they earn tickets that can be exchanged for treats from the Hope Treasure Chest.

Thanks for letting me and the preschool team invest in your children. We love it- and we love them!

Younger and Older Elementary Age Children

On Sunday mornings, Ed & Susan Gardner are enthusiastic about taking your younger and older elementary school-aged children on a guided tour through the Bible. We have two children of our own in the Hopefilled Kids program and are very committed to provided a program that is God-honoring and fun for the kids.

Every Sunday we focus on a section of the Bible. There is a stated learning objective, scripture verses that we will learn together, a memory verse, study questions and a craft. When appropriate we will show a movie that sets the scene for our study.

We look forward to meeting you and spending time with your children on Sunday mornings!