1x1 (Won by One) Student Ministry serves families by offering biblical teaching and fellowship to middle and high school youth from 6th through 12th grade.  We believe God appoints parents to bring up children in the teachings and instruction of the Lord (Eph 6:4) and the hope that is in us, through the Gospel of Jesus Christ (1 Pet 1:3) and 1x1 seeks to augment that calling without ever being a substitute for it.  We aim to do this in several key ways:


Biblical teaching.  Your teens will grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus by diving deeper into all the books of the Bible;  learning Theology and working through how to live a Christian life.  We also show how to defend the faith with Apologetics.  We offer interactive lessons with experienced teachers.  We understand that people come from different backrounds and are at different stages in their knowledge of or walk with Christ.  We all have questions this side of eternity.  We want to have conversations that matter.


Fellowship.  Your teens will be offered opportunity to develop trusted relationships with like-minded peers.  We want the Word and the Spirit with us.  Our 5-7 p.m. Sunday sessions typically begin with games, activities and snacks.  We then move to our Biblical teaching portion.  We finish the evening breaking into male and female small groups.  There we talk about the lesson and how to apply it to life.  We pray together.  We organize social events throughout the year to grow lasting friendships and to strengthen community.


1x1 (Won by One) reflects that we have been Won by One ... our lives were WON by Jesus Christ when He suffered and died and rose again in our place.  We hope every youth that attends 1x1 grows to love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.  And love their neighbors as themselves according to the Bible (Matt 22:37-40).


We are a team of six operating under the oversight of Pastor Chris.  Please contact hope4tampa@hope4tampa.com for more information; or better still - come in and see for yourself.