Our lastest Missions trip to Loma de Luz Hospital in Honduras, was over Thanksgiving 2017! Now that we've been 8 times, it was really special to spend that day with the missionaries and their families. This trip was different in that we scheduled it over break so that Micah, Anika, and Rayna could join us. The schedule was full!! We saw 32 clinic patients on that first Monday and operated on 18 through the course of the week. Micha was able to assist Drew with a hernia operation, Anika helped out in the OR with equipment, and Rayna in the OR and PACU recovery. Anika and Rayna also held daily "Thanksgiving Crafting" classes each day throughout the week with the missionary kids and then decorated the hall for Thanksgiving dinner!

Drew and Christy spent most of their time operating...well, Drew operates and Christy moves about the OR and adjoining rooms facilitating and hopefully moving things along. We have a great OR staff and the hospital is, for the most part, stocked with most of what we need. We also bring as many suitcases as we are allowed to with donated medical equipment and it's amazing how God always provides specifically for each trip.

Thank you for all of your support and prayer for us as we continue on this medical adventure. 

In His Hands,
Drew, Christy and the familia Rideout