We're a church that plays an active part in our local, national, and international communities.

At Hope, we don't just sit back and watch the world go by. Whether it's helping a neighbor down the road or traveling to Nicaragua to help build a mission, we put on our boots and gloves, roll up our sleeves, and get involved!

Missions keep us connected to life outside our comfort zone and enlarge our vision of the world. Hope supports regular missions to reach youth in other communities and countries. Both adults and teens participate in missions, whether it’s a planned program such as mission trips to Belize and Appalachia, or responding to natural disasters such as Hurricane clean-up. Through the 'Gift of Hope’ we support our church members as well as the local community. If you have a heart to serve others through house decorating, moving, repairs, garden work, or anything else, Hope can use you to help others in need!

For more details on Outreach and Missions activities contact Carroll Streetman at (813) 205-2715.