At Hope, the spiritual growth of our youth is important. We create an environment where each one clearly knows and understands the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through relational evangelism, the youth are encouraged to answer God’s call on their lives and proclaim Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

HYPER DRIVE ends weekends with a bang by offering teens a great place to meet. Here they can share what’s on their mind and enjoy each other’s company in a safe, friendly environment. HYPER DRIVE meets every Wednesday's at 6:15 pm & Sunday's at 5 p.m. in the Hope House.

For more details on Youth activities contact Tom Edwards or call 813-949-9594.

An Outreach Ministry to the Cumberland Gap Area

The Appalachia Mission was designed as a "Level Two" mission trip. The primary goal was not simply to do a mission, but to help people learn the reason behind missions. No-one walked away from the week without having the opportunity to understand the greater concept of missions and why it is so important to Our Lord. The youth were involved in mission work, while also offering them a Biblical perspective on missions. The aim was also for people to catch the connections between ministry, team relationships, prayer, preaching, and worship.

Watch a video of the Trip.