Our lives are filled with ethical choices every day. Our society fights its culture wars, and refusing to make moral choices is not an option. But there are ten words that stand out like hills in our lives. From their vantage points every moral and ethical decision we face can be seen more clearly. No matter which direction we look, the Ten Commandments will show us the character of God, and since he made us he knows how we can best thrive. Through the Good News of Jesus Christ there is the power now to climb these hills and live lives that reflect the beauty of God which can be glimpsed from them. Join us as we seek to view life from the perspective of the Ten Commandments. 


The Ten Commandments:  First Love

The Second Commandment: Worshipping the right God in the right way

The Third Commandment: Revealing our Attitude to God 

The Fourth Commandment: Rest

The Sixth Commandment: Life

The Fifth Commandment: Honoring Parents

The Seventh Commandment - The Sanctity of Sex

The Eighth Commandment - Searching for Security 

The Nineth Commandment - The Truth That Transforms

The Tenth Commandment - Contentment