Mark has been a member of Hope church since 2005. He and his wife Lucy joined Hope Church shortly after moving here from Indianapolis where they were active members at Church at the Crossing in Indy.They both moved here to take care of Lucy's aging mother, who did not want to move to Indy.

Leaving Church at the Crossing was very hard, but they soon found a home at Hope Church after a chance encounter with Pastor Mike at a coffee shop, which led to a friendship through employment with another member of Hope Church.

Mark formerly served as a Deacon and also he participates in the Homeless Ministry as a driver, and can usually be found welcoming those who attend out in front of the church. He participates in many small groups and has led a group in the past.

Mark sees part of his mission as being always available to assist in anything that needs to be done for the Church, from chores for the Church to serving others. Following Jesus' example and command, we must first serve (2nd Corinthians 4:5 and Mark 9:35). The rest of God's plan is yet to unfold.

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