I was born and grew up in the Scottish Highlands. We were not a family that ever went to Church, but when I was 18 I went to study Chemistry in the city of Aberdeen and there through the witness of a fellow student, I came to faith in Christ. After about a year I began to sense God’s call to ministry so I finished my Chemistry degree and worked briefly in an oil laboratory. This was followed with six months teaching English in Peru, before I returned to Scotland and studied for a further three years in Edinburgh at the Free Church of Scotland College.

In my first ministry, I spent seven years working mainly in a deprived area or Inverness, the capital of the Highlands, where many people with addictions came to faith in Christ. Then I ministered just to the north of Inverness for twelve years in the Black Isle. an area that is neither an island nor black!  But it is very beautiful.  During my time in the north of Scotland I was also a chaplain to the local prison and served on the financial, strategic and missions boards of the Free Church of Scotland.  I am married to Yazmin from Columbia and we have two sons, Joshua and Matthew.  

In March 2016 doors began to open for a move to Tampa but it was July 2017 before we moved to Tampa.  The opportunities for the Gospel in the north of Tampa is huge with a fast-growing population and along with a really committed group of believers in Hope Church, it is exciting to see the possibilities of bringing Jesus to many people.  Tampa is a wonderful city to live and minister in.

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