I was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana.  My family was not very religious, and we mainly attended church on Christmas and Easter.  I did go to a Catholic School for most of my life and that was the most consistent religious influence I had. The school stressed the law of God and it was there that I learned I was a sinner in need of a savior.  When I was around ten, I turned to the only savior I really knew, the church.

I tried to go to confession, but the priest wouldn't forgive my sins (because I wasn’t a member of the church).  I was terrified because I knew that I was going to go to hell, but I had no idea what to do. Around this time, my dad became very religious and we became a church-going family.  I hated going to church, but he made us go every Sunday and even forced me to go to church camp. It was at that camp that I heard about the grace of God.  I heard the message that Jesus paid it all on the cross and we didn’t need to work our way to heaven.  It was at that camp that I repented of my sin and trusted in the sacrifice of Jesus alone for my salvation. 

Since then, God has called me into the ministry, and I have followed that call.  The greatest blessing of my life has been my godly wife, Catherine, who just had our first baby this past May. We moved to Florida in September of 2019 to care for my grandmother here in Tampa.  I have been serving as Hope Church’s Student Ministry Director since November of 2019.  I lead the student service that meets in the Hope House at 5 pm every Sunday night.

Feel free to contact Taylor (TaylorCCallen@gmail.com) for more information on the student ministry at Hope.



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